Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adalyn Brooke Kunz

She's Here!!!

Introducing Adalyn Brooke Kunz!! We had her this morning at 4:30 am. She weighs 7 lb 8 oz and is 20" long. Everyone is healthy and happy!! Mason was really excited to come meet his baby sister!! (Who he wants to name "Scar"!!) He kept saying things like "she's so cute", and "she's so cool"! We're all pretty tired from the all night delivery but are really excited about having this fun new addition in our family!


Mason turned 3 on Saturday! We had a Pirate birthday!!! Grandma Marcia found him a big pop-up pirate ship centerpiece (which he still plays with!!) and i made a pirate man cake. It was really fun to have a lot of our family and friends over to celebrate. Mason is such a fun happy kid and love when he has lots of people to play with!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mason's 2nd Birthday

So...I do realize that the last time I blogged was Mason's first birthday and i'm sorry!!! So here we are a year later. Things are crazy and great. Dave is working for Farmers Insurance in Driggs. Things are slow but growing so that's good. They have a satelite office in Idaho Falls that Dave works at 2 days a week also. I'm still working one day a weeks at the salon and i'm also working for the school district office part time helping with the monthly state uploads they have to do. Along with the two jobs and Mason I stay plenty busy.

Mason is doing great! He is a busy boy and full of life!! He's picking up new words every day and starting to talk a lot. He definitely makes life fun and exciting. I can't believe he's two already. His birthday was really fun and we had lots of family that came to help us celebrate, which he loved!!

Here is his train cake I made him!! Not to bad for a novice.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mason!!!

Yesterday was Mason's 1st birthday!! I can't believe it's been a year already. I feel like the last 12 months have just flown by in a blur. We had a fun party for him at our house with lots of family! Mason loved it. I'm not sure he new it was his birthday or anything but he definitely loved having all the people he loves around paying attention to him. It was so fun to have everyone over.

It took Mason a while to really get his hands in the cupcake, but eventually he got into it and definitely made a mess. What a cute little boy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Updates!!

Here are some random pictures for everyone. Mason is doing great! He is such a fun happy baby. He's starting to crawl and getting way to mobile!! He still doesn't like to eat anything really and won't take a bottle but we're working with him!! However, we did hold a spoon up with some chocolate frosting on it and he went nuts for it!! Probably shouldn't give him chocolate when he won't eat anything else!!Last week Mason learned to lean over the side of the crip. So we lowered it and within three days he learned how to pull himself up on the side!! He loves to stand there and look over the side. He just sits there and talks and talks and of course chews on the side!! Here is a picture of our fireplace. Dave and I tiled it ourselves. Not to shabby!!
We just finished laying our hardwood floor Friday night. Saturday we buffed it and put a layer of clear coat on it. It looks good. We're excited.

This is our master bathroom. All we have left is grout!! We did the floor and then had some of Dave's friends help us finish the shower and tub. They did such a good job!!

Mason is such a happy baby and has such a fun laugh!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Mason

Here are some updated pictures of Mason. He is growing so fast and is in such a fun stage!! He just is about always smiling and giggles all the time. He is just so fun to have around!!


I know it's been forever since we last posted anything. A lot has been going on! Things on the house are going well. We basically work from the time Dave gets home from work until dark every night. And on most days my dad and I end up out there doing some stuff before. For the most part we are having an good time but it will be really nice when we're done. We are aiming for some time in December!! Hopefully by Christmas!!! They are doing insulation tomorrow and starting Drywall next Tuesday!!